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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday my daughter-n-law called and wanted to have some photos of my granddaughter (Cloey) in her Easter dress. Stephen's day was full and mine was suppose to be cleaning house so I opted to do the photos instead. Easy choice who wants to clean house!

I wasn't exactly happy with the first set of photos, there simply wasn't enough light and even though the pics printed ok on the screen when I zoomed in it all seemed very soft to me.

We have these lights in the closet that are not for photography and Stephen wont use them because he insist that the lights are not clear white light. But I used one of them on the second set of photos with my son and his wife. I was much happier, the photos seemed much sharper. The light isn't perfect but for me it will work until Stephen gets some studio lights. Now the next step is on me to work on framing up the photos.

Was a good day, we took Cloey out and let her help plant about 60 plants. She loved getting dirty.

Katie was having a great time just being outside, until she suddenly got sick. Turns out she has thrush mouth. Its nasty stuff and made her really ill. Lucky for us my daughter's friend had gone through it and discovered that the best treatment going is Gentian Violet. Stained her mouth and bottom with this stuff and almost instantly she was feeling better. So off to daycare with her tomorrow with her purple lips and bottom.

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