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Monday, March 02, 2009

Ok so my blog is called "what life is all about" so that means my life in general. Needless to say I wont always write about my adventures into photograhy. Today I want to venture into other parts of my life and well vent!

Stephen has an amazing camera, he has had it for a while and never had any problems with it. Its a Nikon D2X. We have been very lucky to be able to have such a nice camera and no problems. Once before Stephen was cleaning the inside of the camera and broke part of it, that was really his fault. He mailed it off to Nikon and they fixed on the warranty, simple, easy and no hassle.

All of the sudden, the very day that we brought home my camera, Stephen's camera started having a problem. Every time he put the flash on top the camera cuts out or says that the battery is dead. Stephen did some research and found that there is an issue with the boot that holds the flash. So we called up Nikon and mailed the camera back to them for repair.

We realized that the warrenty may be out but we need the camera! So we filled out a form, went to the post office and paid extra for insurance and a delivery confermation.

We recieved the attempted delivery confermation however USPS tried to deliver the camera at 4:59 AM and of course no one was there to accept the delivery. A notice was left with a lable number. We contacted USPS and was informed that the package would not be automaticly redelivered. Nikon needs to contact USPS and schedule a redelivery time. We can not schedule the delivery because the package is not being sent to us. The reciever has to schedule the delivery.

So Friday we called Nikon and explained the situation. The rep tried to tell Stephen several times that if they did not accept reciept of the package then we must have mailed it COD where they had to pay for the delivery cost. It took Stephen 5 tries to explain to the woman that he had a reciept where he paid for it. The rep assured us that first thing Monday some one would go to the post and pick up the camera. As well once the camera is picked up and brouht back to the repair center some one would call us verify that the camera was safely delivered.

I called Nikon today to say that I had not recieved notification as promised. The man put me on hold, then came back and said he was still trying to find out something and put me back on hold. After 5 more minutes of hold he disconnected me. I spent the next 30 min trying to re-call the service center. The problem was that they automated system suddenly wouldn't let me use the option to speak to a rep.

Once Stephen arrived home he started trying again to reach some one. Finally he got a rep on the phone who told him that basically they couldn't pick up the phone, call a toll free number and schedule the delivery. The woman went around and around the whole issue and kept saying that they simply could not sort it out for two days. Stephen is saying to them repeatedly that if some one does not call to reschedule the delivery TODAY, then tommorow the camera will be returned to us. Stephen called 5 times, I called 2 times and every time we ask to speak to a supervisor the standard answer was "we don't have a supervisor" . However after insisting to speak to a supervisor we where placed on hold again, the told that they where transfering us. Every time they would hang up instead of transfering us.

Finally on call number 7 or 8 Stephen spoke to a supervisor who said he will call USPS right now. The supervisor (Domingo) called USPS and scheduled the delivery, called Stephen back with a Nikon reference number and a USPS reference number. Now why did that take what 8 phone calles and 7 rude customer service reps!

Now I currently work for an insurance company under a Medicare contract. My current job is working appeals, so I deal with written correspondance. However I have not been in that position for every. I spent 3 years at Cigna where I took customer service calls all day, then I went to my current job where the first few years I was again taking customer service calls all day. I will never believe that a customer service center does not have a manager/supervisor available. Yes they may be on a call and I may need to be on hold but to say that they dont have a supervisor is well BS!

Not to mention that Stephen owns thousands of dollars worth of Nikon products. Any time that you spent 2 thousand dollars in 15 minutes on Nikon products to exspand your current inventory I feel like you deserve good customer service! Now the 2 thousand was just recently, Stephen had to make 2 trips from the UK to the US to bring all his camera gear over, and he still has stuff that he hasn't brought over yet. Not to mention all the stuff he sold off before coming here. And add to the fact that when people we know ask him for a recomendation he always recomens Nikon products.

Customer Service is the #1 most important part of any company. I don't care if the customer only spends a dollar or if they spend millions, customer service is key to the success of any buisness. If you are selling a reliable, usable, indemand product but you have crap customer service I wont use your products. I have no idea how any company survives with poor customer service!

Now on to another subject. The last two days I took lots of photos of the girls. Mostly Shelby because she is so willing to pose for me. But I also took some of Sara and Katie. Katie was happy and playful and kept running off. This morning Katie got up happy and had her morning bath. She plaid, giggled and carried on like every thing was fine.

Stephen dropped her off at 7 AM and she was fine. The daycare fed her breakfast. Apparently she ate a really good breakfast and left nothing to be wasted. Then a few minutes later she was throwing up every where. By 11 AM I was clocking out and heading to daycare to get her. She had 103 fever and was really out of it. By the time I got there she had been changed 3 times because she either threw up or pooped all over her self. They had gotten permision from Stephen to give her something for her fever but she still had 101 temp.

I gave her some red gatoraide when we left the daycare. By the time I got to the doctor's office she had thrown up on her clothes. I wiped her off with a baby wipe, and as I am taking her out of the van she threw up again.

I changed her diaper and her bottom was fine. I checked her in the waiting area at the doctor's office. She was fine. I noticed when I sat her on the doctor's scales she had another dirty diaper, and dang it I left the bag in the car. By the time that the intern checked her, went and got the doctor and they checked her (really it was only a few minutes) The doctor decieded that she wanted Katie's dirty diaper so they could do test on it..eeeeewwww. She gave me a diaper and when I went to clean Katie up omg her bottem was almost bleeding!

Now picture this I went from work to daycare to the doctor's office. All I had with me was the emergency diapers and a baby blanket that we keep in the van. No clean clothes for her or anything. So I walk in with a baby wrapped up in her blanket, she has no shoes or jacket on because she had thrown up on them at the day care. She had red, wet stuff all down her. Embarassing enough to have your baby looking like she dont get clean clothes. I mean every time I tried to clean the red yuck off her it just smeared all over her more. Then I get back there and realize that because she was throwing up as I took her out of the car I didn't think to grab an extra diaper! geeeessshhh now I really look like I dont take care of her. So lets make it even worse when I went to change her to give them the dirty diaper, there was poop all over the inside of her already dirty clothes. So when I leave the room I have katie in a diaper and socks. I get to the desk to pay and had to set her down. Katie is 10 months old and has been walking for a month now. When I sat her down in her blanket to write the check she gets up and walks off into the waiting area in just her diaper. Now mind you its cold outside. I bet people thought omg this poor baby! Katie with her raw bottom, cramping tummy, aches and fever is looking at every one laughing, smiling and giggling. She wasn't acting sick so most people would think she is there for a check up. I didn't know what to say so I grabbed her up with her blanket and rushed her out the door and into the van where she was asleep before I ever got out of the parking lot.

what a day! Katie is sleeping and Stephen's camera will be delivered at 7 am so I guess all in all I can go have a nap now!

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