Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So tonight as I was feeding Katie her dinner Stephen and I where talking about people doing the picture a day blogs. Some people do the blogs to show case their professional photography, some do it to document their daily lives and I am sure there are a lot of other reasons to do a daily photo. Stephen thought it would be a good idea for me just so that I get more comfortable with the camera and all its features. I honestly get lost with it all my previous method was to put the camera in auto mode and point and click, if it was a good photo then great if not it was not that big of a deal. Helping Stephen means good photos all the time, so I am learning every day. Right now it’s more about getting comfortable with how to hold the camera and where my hands are at. Because I am left handed when I turn the camera to the side I turn it opposite to Stephen and most right handed people. Today I discovered that I can’t turn it the other way and function so I have to learn where to put my hands or else my hand can block the flash or cause shadows. So now I am REALLY trying to get comfortable with just holding the camera.Not only will the daily photo help me get comfortable holding the camera but I like the idea of documenting daily life. So above there is a collage of the photos I took of Katie. Its a reality moment, this is truly how Katie is at meal time....A MESS!!!.... Needless to say Stephen would rather wash the dishes than feed Katie ! The collage, well I recently downloaded Picasa 3 and I wanted to play around with it.

_________________________________________________________________________An update on Stephen's camera!. Stephen called yesterday and after telling the rep off he finally confirmed that they had received his proof of purchase. However the information had not been logged into their system. Stephen got very upset because he had assured him that it would be done. The rep said he would log in the information right then and e-mail Stephen when it was done. Of course that did not happen! So today Stephen called back and asks if the information was logged. He spoke to yet another rep who actually told Stephen that we had not provided proof of purchase and there was nothing he could do until that was provided! I thought Stephen's head was going to explode! After Stephen reamed the guy one he hung up and tried to call the corporate office. In the mean time I called back to the service center and just happened to get the same rep Stephen had just told off. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was going to step by step tell him exactly what I wanted to do, when he bulked at it I said " you can either shut up and do what I am telling you or I will put my husband back on the phone " the guy shut up and decided to do as I ask. I gave him the control number for the issue, I insisted that he pull up all the call logs for the control number. He started trying to tell me stuff but I actually said to him " look in order to take phone calls from Americans you have to at least be able to read so just stop running your mouth and find yesterdays call log and give me the name of the rep who documented that he had the fax in his hand" My intention was to go back to the head office with the guys name but instead this rep pulls up the control number and guess what. THE FAXED INFORMATION WAS IN THE SYSTEM AND AN ESTEMATE HAD ALREADY BEEN CREATED!!! so now why couldn't this rep have told Stephen this when he called the first time?!?!According to the information that we have looked up, the owner of the shop that sold Stephen the camera and Stephen's father ( who is also a photographer) the issue with Stephen's camera is simple the camera needs to be opened, a couple of screws tightened and well that’s it. Apparently the D2X has a history of the flash boot coming loose. The estimate that we received was over $400.oo! I ask repeatedly what exactly was being done or replaced on the camera. The rep told me that he has not idea, he is not allowed to discuss the repairs, all he can do is tell us the estimate is there, and email us a notification so that we can go on line and accept or decline the repair. He also told me that Nikon policy is that if you send in a camera for repair the techs go over every detail of the camera and anything that needs repaired or replaced is included in the estimate. I told the rep that we sent the camera in for only one part to be worked on and that we didn't want anything else touched, especially if no one is going to tell us what exactly is being done to the camera. However according to this rep there is no other option, Nikon will not allow you to see a list of the repairs and choose what you want to have done. Its an all or nothing repair and we are not allowed to know what repairs are being done! Total BS! In the mean time Stephen's mother is IMing me saying that is to high, get the camera back and mail it to the UK for repair. But if we do that.. shipping cost alone are outrages and the fastest any of our packages ever make it to the UK is about 3 or 4 weeks, then the repair time and then the 3 or 4 weeks to mail it back. Stephen has already been with out his camera going on 3 weeks now so we simply cant wait another two or three months. No camera means no work! So we accepted the estimate and gave the jerks our debit card number! I am soooo mad about it. I am sooo not happy with Nikon and their stupid rules and policies and rude customer service. I would say that I am never buying Nikon ever again but I ordered a flash for my camera today and the darn thing is Nikon but dang it the flash had been a demo and was being sold cheap, with shipping and tax and all I got it for $62.oo . ..but that is it I am on Nikon strike after this flash comes in the mail!

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