Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sara's friend had a birthday party with an Emo/Gothic theme. The girl wanted Stephen to come over and take some photos at her party. Stephen couldn't go because he had work for the magazine and then a concert to photograph after. I couldn't go to where the party was because Katie has been so ill and is just now getting better. The weather had turned cold out so I didn't want to take a chance on her getting sick again. So I text Sara and said that if they came here I would take a few photos for them.

With Stephen out taking photos all day he of course had his gear with him. I only had one lens here. Every time I use this lens I complain about the results. Stephen broke the lens into two pieces a couple of years ago and we mailed it off to the manufacture (Sigma) to be repaired. When I first met Stephen this was the lens he used most, or at least the one I saw him use the most. Now every time I use this lens every thing turns out so very soft. I officially don't like this lens. Stephen says that if we change some settings it may work better, we will see.

Above is a few of the photos that I took yesterday. The photos and the lens where not that screwed up. I used Lightroom to make them odd colors because the girls wanted odd and different photos, I have a few that have not had the colors changed and I will post more later.

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  1. Hi Latrell. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you've got an interesting bunch too... What's a mom to do? :-)