Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well Darn

Well the last photos that I posted, some of them have became a real controversial issue for us. I have been going on photo shoots with Stephen for several years, as long as we have been married. However not long after the shoot for the photos in my last blog, we went on a couple more shoots and then all the sudden Stephen gets a phone call informing him that I am not allowed on photos shoots any longer. No explanation other that at the photo shoot where I took the last photos there was a woman there who felt as if Stephen is distracted by me. Now if that was the case why hasn't he been distracted by me in the past? The person making the call has now stated in emails that he never hired me on to take photos and does not want to deal with me in any way. He refuses to give a direct answer as to why or what the issue really is. I believe I know what the issue is but when ask directly he refuses to answer the question.

He has launched a very personal attack against me, so much so that Stephen informed him that he simply can't work for him any more, as well if he  has specifically excluded me and my work maybe they shouldn't use the photos of mine from that shoot. We had informed them that some of the photos where mine however we wanted him to choose the photos he liked not photos by the person he likes so we had said once he chose the photos we would then inform him who took what photos. However in light of the situation we gave him a list of the photos that I took and ask that they do not use them. This caused a huge issue, I believe that he thought Stephen took those particular photos, imagine his shock when he realized he had chosen some of my photos for his article!  However he should have been smart enough to not bash me until after he published the photos, instead he did it before he published them and that allowed me the right to retract usage rights.  Needless to say we will miss the work not only because of the money but because we enjoy the people and the events.

This whole thing was a shock to me, not because some woman didn't like me but more because no one is willing to say exactly what the issue is. I personally never liked the man who is bashing me, I would have washed my hands of him a long time ago if it was not for Stephen. My personal dislike for him came when he discussed specific business details about another photographer with Stephen. My view is if he is bashing her to you what is he saying about you to other people. This really seemed unprofessional to me and I didn't want to be involved with anyone who would do this.

When ask specific questions about his attack on me the man's response was "Love is one thing, good business is another. You might think about separating them" so basically he don't think that we should be working together. I personally don't want to be in business on my own, I don't think Stephen does either.We like any budding business have things that we would like to improve on, overall though we have a routine, we know who does what best, we know how to fill the gap for each other. I can't imagine ever taking another photo if it meant excluding Stephen from the the whole process! 

So with all that said, we are pushing ahead, moving forward and finding new outlets for our  artwork.