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Monday, February 21, 2011

More lighting images

I took these for my class today, still not sure about using the meter, these were my favorite five and none of them are the ones with the light meter's settings. I think the last one is my favorite

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raising Katie Right!

On Katie's first birtday I tried for over an hour to get a 1 year old photo of her, however the entire time she kept trying to take the camera. The only photo I finally got of her was one with her sitting and holding one of Stephen's older cameras and that only lasted a minute because she wanted my camera that flashes.  I would post one of those photos but due to a hard drive issue a few months ago I can't seem to find where the images ended up being put on the new drives.

When Katie was closer to two we found her in her sister's bedroom with a bunch of her dolls posing in a chair, Katie had her sister's camera up to her face and was saying  "smile with your eyes" to the dolls. 

Yesterday I came in and set my camera down, still on the tripod and imported my photos. I always disconnect the cord as soon as the download stops or it drains my battery. So the camera was just there on the tripod and turned on. I hear Katie saying "Daddy Say Cheese". I turned to see her taking pictures of her dad.  After fighting Stephen for his new point and shoot camera I snapped a photo of her. Its funny she don't much care to have her picture taken but she loves to touch the cameras any time she possibly can. I think I need to set her up her very one little shoot and let her snapp away!

On another note I was out taking photos for schoold today when I found myself squatted on the railroad tracks and a train coming right at me. I managed to snap a couple of very blurry shots but, I like them any way, mostly because we were litterally two feet from a speeding train!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time to learn about lighting!

Until now I have avoided using Stephen's light meter, I have enough trouble sorting out Fstops and all those technical Things. Today I had to use the meter for an assignment, well duuuu the meter tells you what Fstop and all that to use, so I suppose I have been avoiding the wrong piece of equipment! Tomorrow is a photography day as I need more images for this class,  and I guess I also need to practice using that meter some more as I am required to use it in every shoot for the next six weeks.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A few pics of Stephens hawk

Things seem strange on the photography front, my current classes don't require any images so my camera has been idle for  a few weeks. I feel a little lost with doing no photos at all, I managed to get a few shots of Stephen and his hawk today though