Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stephen had a wedding to photograph this week end. I always tag along if I can when ever he does any photos. The last wedding he did was of a very funny couple. I think their wedding will always be my favorite ever.

This one was a little less comical, a church setting and a I don't know just different. Not in a bad way, each couple should have the wedding that they want. The wedding should suit the couple and in both case I feel like this was the case.

The above photo is the only one I took at the wedding, I think I like the black and white version best. Then again I always love black and white photos the best. Mostly I stood around holding the flash in various places. Stephen happened to hand me the camera while he was sorting out some candles and the little girl kissed the bride. I had to take the shot because the entire morning the little girl had refused to get close to the bride. She didn't like her poofy dress and didnt want to get close enough to touch it. lol Kids!!

The whole day was a bit trying because we still have not gotten Stephen's camera back. Apparently Nikon is waiting on a part or something. This meant Stephen took the photos with my camera. We haven't had my camera for long so of course Stephen isn't as comfortable as he is with his own. Plus his camera take larger photos than mine does. Now I would go into details but I dont understand the technical part of it I just know that when I was looking at developing the photos these seem smaller and different. I guess I need to get used to both cameras so this is just training for me.

The other thing that is driving Stephen a little nuts is that when he came here he had to leave a lot of stuff behind. Partly because the power cords are different. Partly because by the time we pay for transer boxes for every thing so that the cords would work and pay the cost to ship it all here, we could just go out and buy US products and save a lot of hassle. Because Stephen wasn't able to bring all of his stuff we do not have studio lights.

The church was dark making it hard to take the photos with no lights. Now we got a lot of good shots but not the exact shots Stephen wanted. A LOT of this is that Stephen is his own worst critic and I am not sure that he will ever look at any photo he takes and say " thats the best shot ever" Some of it he has a real point and we need the lights. So Stephen is in a wirl wind trying to find the ones he wants at a price we can manage.

I was exhausted after the wedding and really ready to call it a day. Unfortunately it wasn't that simple. We came home to find that Sara had let Katie pretty much wreck the living room and my son and daughter-n-law where here to do a not so fun task.

A few years ago my x made a really dumb choice to finance an Mustang for our 16 year old son who didn't have the best record of making payments on his pick up (which wasn't paid off when he got he Mustang). Because a 16 year old should never have 2 car payments while working part time and going to high and trying to have a girlfriend that he wanted to spoil rotten (as all boys should) and school things just didn't work out.

My x's fix was to park the car and put a for sale sign on it. His hope was that either the boy would realize that he had to make the payments or some one would buy it and get it out of our name. My thining was that if I was making the payments I would just drive it. And I parked my van and drove the Mustang for a couple of weeks. However I guess once a mommy van driver always a mommy van driver. I just didn't like the Mustang. I made a VERY VERY VERY bad decision. A close friend came by the house and the Mustang came into the conversation. She wanted it and wanted it bad. The problem was that she was newly married and her and her husband where young. No one would finance them at a decent rate. I made the choice to let them take over the payments on the Mustang. Every thing was fine until a year and a half into it they changed insurance companies. The old insurance company reported that the insurance was cancled and we got a letter in the mail that we needed to prove insurance on the Mustang. The girl did mail in her insurance proof with her payment. Some how from that point on it was the biggest battle ever. The finance company did not assoicate the money orders with the account for the Mustang because the money orders had the girls name on them and not mine or my x's. Then I had her start putting our name and the account number on the money order. Still several payments where in what they call "unidentifyable funds" eventually that got sorted out but what never did get sorted out was that the insurance was in this girl's name and not the name on the account. The finance company added forced insurance to the payment and the girl just kept paying the amount that she had always paid. I spent hours and hours on the phone with my x, his mother and the finance company trying to sort it all out.

Finally the girl tells me she has it all sorted and not to worry she has a name and number of some one at the finance company if anything else goes wrong. However it must not have been as sorted as she indicated because a repo man turned up at her parent's house to repo the car. This girl's father threatened the repo guy and I hear he actually put his hands on the repo guy.

The next thing I know is the girl's husband is saying he bought his wife a new car and his plan is to park the Mustang and let the repo guy come for it.

Well hell if they do that then the car gets sold at an auction, what ever it brings goes toward the balance of the loan and me and my x are stuck paying off the rest for a car that we dont have. What really made me mad about it was they never came to me and said that they simply couldn't deal with the issue any longer and wanted out. They where just going to throw my credit down the drain and never say a word. From strangers I expect this from the parents of my god daughter NEVER did I exspect it end like this.

My x had said a while back that if it gets to the repo point he would pay off the past balance and let our son take over the payments again. So my son and his wife came over and we went to get the car.

These people who ruined my credit and was about to really throw me under the bus threw a real fit when they found out that I was taking the car back. By the time we went for the car it wouldn't start (even though she was driving it a week ago), two of the factory rims where gone and donut tires where in their place, a very exspensive stereo system had been ripped out, the driver's window had been left down for a week in the rain, the door panel had been not just removed but torn and the entire inside of the car was trashed beyond reason. All of this in a week! When we tried to call and ask where the rims and stereo was the girl's father cussed out Stephen and tried to say that his daughter bought them. No way did she drive that car out of my drive way with out 4 factory rims and the stereo!

It was a hard task to deal with and I learned my lesson.I will never trust any one with my credit again! EVER

Turns out that my x don't want our son to take over the payments, the way he sees it he is looking at over $2000.oo to get he car paid up to date and back into a decent running condition. I am thinking more like $3000.oo. He figures if he is going to pay that much he may as well drive it. As long as he is paying for it good for him. Of course our son and daughter-n-law are not happy but I understand where his dad is coming from and what his concerns are so I wont argue the point I am just glad its all sorted.

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