Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have had this account for a while and just never used it. I originally set it up with my husband's and my name on it so that we could write blogs here when Yahoo 360 started falling apart. Stephen set up his own account and never used the joint one. He pretty much moved on months ago and I lingered on 360 so long that I have no idea what is in his blogs these days. Struck me as very strange the other day when I realized that for the first 2 years of our relationship (maybe longer than that) we communicated 90% by blogs and now I haven't read a blog of his since he left 360 many months ago.

So today when I was struggling to look at stuff on 360 I finally gave up and decided to move on and adjust this page to be mine.

My profile is fairly blank because when I got to looking at my old blog place I realized that some of the stuff on my profile had been there for years and honestly didn't apply to my life today. However when I went to fill in this profile today my mind went completely blank and I couldn't think of a single thing to put about myself. I am not sure why this is, it could be that every blog or web page I have ever had has revolved around my children, my husband and our life together. They all pretty much have made their own places on the net and I can't think of anything else to put on there. Maybe I will get inspired some other day and figure out what to put on my profile.

I guess I should put a little information about me in my first blog....Hmmm lets see....

Between my husband and myself we have 7 children.. a lot I know and honestly complicated.. we where both married before, he had two boys from his first marriage . My first time around I married into two step children that lived full time with us for 13 years, I also had two children from that marriage. Then there is the baby, Stephen and I have a 11 month old baby together. I wasn't expecting her, was shocked, surprised and blown away but 11 months into it I can't imagine life with out her.

Along with being a wife and mother I also have 14 years in the military, some active duty Army and a lot of National Guard. I hope to finish out my 20 years before I get out; however I am not sure if that will happen. Time will tell. For a full time job I work for an insurance company under a Medicare contract. Some days I love my job and some days I wish I could walk out and never look back. I think the problem with my job is that I get restless and board some times.

That's not all though. My husband does a lot of freelance photography. Up until this point I have tagged along to carry lenses and meet new people, did a little editing for him and basically had fun. Recently though we purchased a camera for me to start learning on. The goal is that one day we will open a studio. Years ago I went to cosmetology school, my hair doing days didn't last long, I opted to work for Uncle Sam instead. But thanks to Stephen's encouragement I resently got my licence reinstated. When we open a studio I will be able to do hair and makeup when needed. I do this now when the photos are of family and friends, but we want to offer it as a service in the studio. Not that we exspect every client to need the service, it will just be an option for those who want it. I now realize that editing photos can be time consuming and could take up a good amount of time but I also want to be able to pick up a camera and help when needed. Today I took my first photos. They are no where near the quality of work that Stephen does but for day 1 I am pleased. I am also very well aware that I have a lot of learning to do! The photos at the top are a few of what I took today. Thanks Stephen for setting up all the gear and Thanks Shelby for playing model for me!