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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stephen took this picture of my son Steven and his wife Carissa last summer.

This has been the craziest week ever! It started on Monday when Katie had to be picked up early from daycare because she was very sick. 103 fever, and fluids flowing from all directions, I picked her up along with 2 shopping bags of clothes that she had dirtied up in a couple hours. I ended up being off work all this week. I really don't have the vacation time so I am having to apply for FMLA....aaarrrggg I hate FMLA its complicated and a real pain.

I have spent he whole week trying to comfort a baby who's primary reaction was to throw up on me or worse! When I wasn't walking the floor with her, I was washing and re-washing the blankets from her bed and the covers on her walker and swing. I kept thinking that if I cleaned every thing it would help kill all the germs and maybe stop the spread of the virus that Katie had. I guess it helped some because I didn't get sick.

Katie is not a cuddlier, she always sleeps alone and really cant fall asleep if there is any one near her. This whole week she has slept in our bed for most of the night and cuddled. There have been times that I watch her sleeping and wish she would cuddle with me, I never meant for it to be wet stinky cuddles lol.

Stephen mailed off his camera last week to Nikon to have a minor repair done. It is always hard to part with his camera, there is always this fear that the camera will get lost or damaged. Well Stephen's worst fears happened. The post office in California has said that they did receive the package, they did attempt to deliver it (at 4:59 AM!!) and the package was brought back to the post office and locked in a cage. From that point on its a huge mystery as to what happened. The post office manager is in a panic, they have lost a package that is insured for over $4000.oo. No manager wants to have to deal with costing the company that amount of money.

The customer service department has been terrible. We have had to demand managers in order to even get them to try and find the package. To make matters worse we are required to wait 21 days before filing a claim. Stephen has a wedding to photograph in one week! So at this point he is trying his lenses on my camera and hoping that he can take wedding worthy photos with it. Once your used to a piece of equipment its uncomfortable to change to new one, especially when you have little time to check it out and see what all it can do.

Yesterday I was on the phone with the post office when I got several text from Carissa. I was thinking geeeshhhh I am on the phone I will read them and text back when I am done! Then I felt bad for thinking it. Steven was at the emergency room! Carrissa took him in at about 11:30 am. He had woken up about 2am with terrible stomach pains. He thought food poisoning or the virus that is going around. But by 11 am he realized he better go to the doctor because he couldn't handle the pain. Apparently one of the nurses said it was a pulled muscle. Lucky for Steven his wife insisted that they do test. She kept telling them that he had not lifted anything and she didn't believe he had a pulled muscle. Turned out his appendix was severely enlarged.

What made the whole thing even worse was that they arrived at the ER at 11:30 am and the doctor didn't do a cat scan until 4pm! They had given him something for pain shortly after he arrived there, but the medication was not touching his pain. Finally they moved him to a room to wait for surgery and promised he could have more pain medication. I arrived at the hospital at almost 5pm and he still had not received any more pain medication. He was starting to get a fever and he looked like he was hurting. The nurse kept saying that she had to speak to the Dr to get him to order more medication. Carissa kept saying that the doctor ordered it before moving him from the ER. Turns out the Dr had ordered morphine but the nurse didn't check to see if he had. The nurse finally came in and said she would give him morphine and then he would need to change out of his clothes into a hospital gown. All I could think was that Steven is a big boy if they give him morphine there is no way his pregnant wife is gonna be able to lift him to change his clothes and I know I can't lift him. So I pointed this out to the nurse and suggested that he change first. The nurse looked at him and I guess she didn't want to have to lift a drugged up big boy and gave him his gown before he got the morphine.

Stephen (my husband not my son) was near the hospital when I found out so he met us there. He was so tired from Katie keeping us up all night that he opted to take Katie home and get to bed early. He wasn't home half an hour before he was texting me saying that he was throwing up just like Katie. I came home later that night to find him sick and exhausted.

At 9:30 pm they finally prepped him for surgery and took him back. The doctor said that he would be in recovery in about 30 minutes. Well over an hour later we where all getting worried when the doctor came in the waiting room. Apparently because Steven is bigger, and the fact that his appendix was quite enlarged, and something about his intestines being in the way the surgery took longer. Thankfully he was fine and recovering.

It was in some ways funny to see him getting prepped for surgery. Stephen has never had surgery before and was a bit nervous. He was making jokes and had the staff laughing before they started all the prepping. Then his eyes almost popped out of his head when they told him that the anesthesia would make him sleep so deeply that he would stop breathing so they would be putting a breathing tube down his throat. He actually tried to talk them into doing the surgery with out the tube, the idea of a tube down his throat was not settling with him.

Thankfully Katie is better, Steven is already home from the hospital and I am heading back to work tomorrow. I hope next week is a bit less dramatic and maybe Stephen and I can get some sleep at night with out Katie rolling around in our bed!

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