Sunday, November 07, 2010

Video from My Phone

So during a very frustrating drill weekend I found some free time in the afternoon. Wal-Mart was having a big sale on costumes...90% off! How much better can you get! I mean a $19 costume was now $1.90!! I got a Katie this Tiger Costume that she calls "Kit Kat", a super cute witches hat with a huge neon green flower,  a Wow Wow Wubbzy and a Dorthy costume. The boys got a How to Train Your Dragon and Transformers costumes.   Along with these the older kids got a bag full of pink, blue, purple and glitter hair sprays. I walked out with those costumes and other stuff for about $20, which would have been the cost of one costume!

The kids just love the color hair spray. During the summer time I have walked through stores with kids sporting all sorts of hair colors. Typically I die their hair any color they want ( except black) on the last day of school. These dies tend to last maybe half the summer. I figure if they want a crazy green, blue or purple hair color its an easy and short term way to express themselves with out doing any perminate damage and without  doing anything dangerous. So it has became a tradition. This last year we sort of though if we put in some really blond streaks then they could use colored gel or spray to have a different color every day if they wanted. This worked out pretty good. As well  these sprays have came in handy at their birthday parties. I just love giving them some dress up stuff that helps them feel like an individual, have a little fun and expand their imaginations. Kaite seems to love costumes, she wanted to try each of them on right away. This Tiger costume seems to be her favorite. She had to go to each person in the house and annouce that she was a "kit kat" and growl at them! I just love it!!

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