Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Upgrade or was that downgrade?!?!

Typically I tend to use what ever I have until it is no longer usable, I am not a huge fan of "upgrading". I only get a new cell phone if my phone is seriously not working any more and then I only "upgrade" to what ever they have for FREE upgrades. It annoys me to get  a new phone and have to learn to us it.

The same goes for all the technical stuff in our house. For a really long time I was struggling to get any school work done at all because I was working on an older laptop and refused to "upgrade". I had all my programs, I had all my saved documents and photos, it isn't that I don't think I will like the newest versions of stuff, it is all the headaches that come with it.

When I bought my last laptop it came with Windows Vista. It took me about five minutes to know I hated Vista and about a week to know that I really hated it. Then I uninsulated Vista and put XP on. I stuck with XP until recently when Stephen had to build me a computer because all those programs on the laptop finally became to much for a computer that was never designed to handle the sort of software that I was using on there. Actually he built this computer with XP on it then a couple weeks later when I think maybe I just got all my stuff moved from the laptop to the desktop, Stephen strolls in with Windows 7 and instead of doing the upgrade he did a complete install. I spent weeks trying to get every thing back on the computer and then because a lot of the software that I have was purchased through the school as student copies, I can only have the stuff activated on two computers, well it was on his, and then it was on mine but I didn't know he was going to do a complete install and so I didn't get to deactivate the software before it was wiped out. It took me a week to finally convince a rep from Adobe to do what ever it is they do to allow me to do another install.

Now I have drug my printer out of the closet and am attempting to get it working for one of my classes. I put my printer in the closet three years ago and refused to get rid of it because I personally love the HP Deskjet F3335 All-in-One. I scans, copies, faxes and used to print a decent photo, decent for my use any way. I only put it away when Stephen moved in because suddenly there was no room in the house. He wanted to use the stuff he brought from the UK and I kinda thought that in the grand scheme of  life, putting all my things away to make room for his wasn't much to ask considering how much he left behind to come here. However I went to purchase the ink for his fancy printer and realized that his takes 7 ink cartridges at $35 each where my printer takes two cartridges that cost $35 for both. I quickly decided to use my own printer for this class! However the nozzles need something done and the cartridges need to be aligned but stupid Windows 7 won't allow me to install the program to do this stuff. Typically you could go to the printer properties and do it but the printer came with a specific program to do these types of adjustments. Now I have staid up until midnight once again and not touched my home work because I can't get the darn printer sorted.

Stephen attempts to help, but first of all I need to know how to sort this stuff out. I mean what if I need to do this stuff and he isn't here to do it for me, he goes out of town for work, and some times back to the UK on his own, and well I need to be able to do stuff for myself. Stephen's version of showing me how to do things is to tell me to get up and let  him do it, he even says for me to leave, go have a shower while I do this or some other bs reason for me to just leave the room. We have the biggest fights ever over this issue. When I ask for help, I want him to come in the room and stay here until the issue is sorted (this means actually in the room with me) and walk me through the steps. Helping me is not doing it for me and insisting that I not even watch or have any idea what the hell he did. It really irritates me to be dismissed when really I want to understand how to fix the darn problem.

Needless to say, I am thinking upgrading to Windows7 was more of a Downgrade!

Oh and I forgot about the Internet "downgrade" that we recently received without asking. Stephen and I have been pulling our hair out because our previous less than great DSL Internet suddenly became about as terrible as dial up. Yesterday we get a letter in the mail from our Internet provider who is proudly announcing that they recently "Up Graded" their servers and equipment. They proudly brag that our service should be something like three times faster than it was before. This apparently didn't go over to well with Stephen considering out Internet has been moving at a snails pace. Stephen calls the company up and ask them why their "Up Grade" was a serious downgrade for us. Their excuse was that because they Up Graded to this new equipment the equipment that they provided when they installed the service is now out of date and we will need to purchase new equipment. Oh and go figure if we purchase our equipment from some  one other than them they wont promise that our service will work at all and if there is any issue with the service at all they wont assists us if we didn't buy our equipment from them. What kind of crap is that, first of all shouldn't they have warned us before hand that we may need equipment, or even after, but they didn't tell us at all. I would have thought that considering the equipment we are using came from them, they would have sent out a letter saying we may need to upgrade! However this is the only provider in our area unless we want to pay several hundreds of dollars to have satellite Internet installed! So I guess we are upgrading rather we want to or not!

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