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Monday, November 22, 2010

Long Week Ahead!

So here are a couple of photos that I took of Shelby yesterday. We were doing a lot of rearranging of furnature, and cleaning up when I pulled down a box of Christmas lights and decorations. I am not sure what happened to all my Christmas stuff but I only seem to have outside lights left which is odd because we have't put lights up outside in a long time. Anyway I needed to do some photos for class, so Shelby was willing to get wrapped up in the lights and model for me. The instructor wasn't all that impressed with the photos but I actually like a couple of these.  Hopefully this long weekend coming up we will do a family photo for the Christmas cards.  We for some reason haven't done a Christmas card photo since the first one we ever did. I must post it in this blog because I laugh every time I see it! The dogs where acting so badly, every one was freaking out because of the dogs and it is probably the worste photo ever, however it is so funny that I love it!

Any how today has been a long day and I am sure it is just the start of a long week. We are struggling to meet deadlines at work with the holidays approaching. I got to work at 6:30 am and shortly after an email goes out informing us that the system will be up until 7pm and they would reallllyyyyyy be grateful if as many of us as possible would stay as close to 7 as possible! I staid until 6 and probably will again tomorrow, Wednesday just depends on our work load, hopefully it will just a regular 8 hour day.   I suppose it is a good thing that we are doing Thanksgiving on Friday at our house because I will need Thursday to catch up on sleep lol. 

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