Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chicken Salad Finger Sandwiches

With the holidays quickly approaching and the typical work spreads, family gatherings and finger foods I thought I would share my favorite finger sandwiches.

I don't often use a recipe and typically can not give very good instructions on creating a dish. However I often produce dishes that people claim to love. This particular dish Stephen and I photographed a wedding of a co-worker of his and was invited to eat with the guest. They had the very best Chicken Salad sandwiches that I have ever tasted. I wanted the recipe however we never could get it from anyone that was helping to put the wedding together. I decieded that I could make an attempt at making my own version because I really thought I could taste everythign that was in the salad. So this is a list of what all I put into it. Now before you think it is an odd combination of foods, I swear every time I make this people look at me like I am crazy, then once bullied into "just tasting it" then can't get enough.

Ranch Dip mix and sour cream  mixed just as the dip instructions say
Canned Chicken
Chopped walnuts
grapes (cut in half)
one chopped green bell pepper

Now I just mix this stuff into a bowl and keep adding stuff and mixing until it looks and taste like a typical chicken salad, I don't really measure stuff or any of that, the only advise I have on measuring and mixing is that if you have to much Ranch dip, the dip overpowers the other ingredients so use enough but don't go over board with the dip. Serve this up on some rolls and I promise people will love it.

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