Sunday, January 10, 2010

starting school

Well I finally enrolled in school to start working on a Bachlor's degree. I am taking the classes on line at The Art Institute. I assumed this would be just like the online classes I took at UOP. I was a little off on my assumptions!. I got my first assignment from my advisor, he emailed it to me and said here it is for Monday you can go ahead and look over it. So I did, this assignment just reaffermed my incorrect ideas that it would be the same. Basically write a little bio, post it, read the other students bios and reply to them. Great just like UOP.

Then I decided to have a look at the rest of the week's assignments. OMG there are 17 books with 2-3 chapters to be read from each book! Ok we had one book per class before and a couple chapters from that book. I am blown away at the amount of reading I have to do and the subjects as well. I enrolled for a Batchlors in Photography, the books are about being a professional sales person, archatector, video game design and web page design. Wow I am in for a lot of long nights!

All I can say is I really want this degree so it is reading time!

I added a photo from a recent wedding, Stephen and I really want to start doing a photo a day but with hawk, work, kids, broken down car and now school I am not sure when I will have time!

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