Wednesday, January 13, 2010

school so far


OK huge relief when Monday afternoon rolled around and my class was all set up I discovered that all those books posted out there didn't apply to my class. I only have two books and a lot of reading but not nearly what I thought was posted.

I am actually taking two classes but on Monday there was only one class set up. Today I had a voice mail from my advisor (who I have never spoken to before) telling me that she had my second class set up and I could start attending now. I have yet to get a response from the  advisor or instructor about how this will affect my required attendance or the lateness of the 3 assignments that have already been due. The new class is an art history class and already on day one I am wondering why exactly do I need to know about prehistoric art. Yes it is interesting and I think I will like looking at it and understanding what it all means but why is it important to a photography degree?

The first class is an art class where I actually have to draw stuff, scan it and turn it in so that the entire class can see. The first thing we had to draw (first pic above) was odd. We had to put the paper and pencil to in a position so that we could not see it, and then draw our hand, but with out looking at the paper, we had to draw our hand 3 times, non of mine look the same and all of them look like some little kid drew them. Sara and Shelby burst in and had a look at my drawing and burst out laughing, I was really feeling down about it until I posted mine and wondered through the class looking at all the other student's drawings. Yeah we all drew strange looking pics of our hands.

The second assignment was to do almost the same thing, only this time we had to be holding something in the model hand and we could look but not draw while looking, in other words we could stop take a peek to see if the where heading in the same direction (but don't lift the pencil) then stop looking and start drawing again. Once again I had a less than attractive picture. I just want to start drawing something I am good at, I am back to the idea that I should be blobbing paint on a board and calling it art! But either way the drawing is a bit of fun. I am thinking I better enjoy the art classes because I know that when I get to the photography classes and they start talking fstop and aperture and all those things I will be struggling to keep up.

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