Tuesday, January 19, 2010

don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Normally at work I listen to audio books while I work so that people's chattering don't distract me. I love doing this and have a shelf full of books.I have listened to each book at least 3 or 4 times each, and every one there that has books has traded back and forth with me so I have listened to pretty much all the books floating around the office. It is for sure time to visit half price books as soon as possible.

Today instead of re-listening to a book I turned on the radio. It didn't take 2 minutes for me to be mad, this is why books are better! People where calling into this radio station bashing the US forces for not acting quick enough or doing enough for the people in Haiti. Let me say for the record that my favorite part of being in the military is the fact that when disaster strikes I may get to run and help. I was there a few days after Katrina hit New Orleans and I loved it. But it really ruffles my feathers when you try to help and get treated like crap for it!

Like I said I was in New Orleans right after Katrina hit, I didn't see any other countries dropping supplies down to those trapped people! No those trapped people ate the MRE and drank the water that we had in our personal bags to feed us while we where there. We went there knowing that supplies where short so we took as much food and water as we could in order to sustain us (the troops) until supplies where delivered or we went home. Most of the people in the Super Dome had been with out supplies for 5 days when we arrived, most of us took the food and water out of our personal bags and handed it into the crowd for the young and elderly to share.

I saw US forces bring supplies before to many days passed but I never saw any foreign countries hovering over our disaster and dropping supplies to us.

The US has suffered other disasters, tornadoes that destroyed OKC and Dallas, and again we sustained our selves and took care of each other but I don't recall other countries jumping in to help.

Now don't take me wrong I am all for helping but why can't people just be thankful for what help they get instead of complaining that it isn't enough! Why is the responsibility of the US to take care of every country? One of the people that called into the radio station today was complaining that the Haiti people are living outside, hello our country is struggling at the moment we have a lot of people living out side too! And don't they realize that all of your troops that are over there right now are living outside to just so they can help!

Say thank you to some one once in a while instead of complaining that they don't do enough for you!

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