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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flash Backs

So for the last couple of weeks every afternoon when we get home from work we spend a couple hours looking for a hawk for Stephen. Some days there are none to be seen and some days we trap a couple old haggs and release them. However during our driving around we have a lot of time to talk and see venture down roads we have never been down or roads that we haven't been down in a long time. I also found myself realizing that I miss listening to the radio and music. The last car I had did  have a radio but if I forgot to remove the front from it the battery on the car would go dead (some wiring issue) so I never used it for fear of forgetting to take off the front.  I heard the above song and thought you know this song really does remind me of the years that I was growing up.

Yesterday we came up to this sign that said Enos >;  My first thought was "ohhh I haven't been to Enos in forever" We took the road to Enos... This is a spot in the road really and the only reason I even know about the area was because years ago in high school my cousin and I made a lot of trips to Enos to go to church, swim at the beach and hang out with people, I can't say friends just people that we knew.

It was also in this little spot in the road, several years later that it dawned on me how very much our views on people change over the years. When I was in my mid 20's it just happened that I found myself in this little church that I had attended when I was a teen. On this particular day I found myself standing there talking to this guy and his wife. The guy seemed so out of place, because I had known him when I was 16 or so and first of all while I was driving off to Church he was parked on a back road in the most awesome 1965 Chevy known to man, smoking weed and banging random girls.The mention of Church would have made him snort and loose the lung full of smoke he was holding in but absolutely no way would he have given thought to going to Church.

My daughter's father had worked with him a few years earlier and was standing there having this conversation with this guy. I know his wife had to think I was a nut because I didn't know her at all but I knew her husband pretty well. The entire conversation I was not speaking but instead staring at this guy and my mind was going 90 to nothing, I kept thinking "omg what was I thinking at 16 when my friends and I thought the sun rose an set on this guy and his very old chevy truck?" I mean at age 25 I am staring at this guy that used to make my heart beat out of my chest and thinking "really he isn't cute at all and I don't know what we thought we saw in him". I walked away from the conversation not knowing even one word that had been said, I was in total shock that first of all he had changed so much that he was now a dedicated Church goer but mostly I was shocked that I ever found him attractive in any way.

It is pretty amazing what we find attractive at 16 verses 25 and even 35, my taste is so different now and what attracts me is so different. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I knew these changes take place, I was just shocked to realize at 25 that so many changes had taken in both this guy from my past and myself.

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