Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up...

I sort of feel like I have been running behind for weeks now. Between Stephen trying to trap a hawk, looking for a car, Halloween creeping up on us, overtime at work, school and the VA I just can't seem to keep up.

Recently I posted a blog about banks and how I was just fed up in general with them. Well we opened an account with a new bank and Stephen moved his paycheck there, I for one haven't had time to move mine and for two we have stuff like a house payment and auto insurance that is auto drafted from our old bank. Moving my pay would mean moving my pay from my full time job, moving my drill pay, moving my GI Bill pay and a couple of other direct deposits, plus contacting the drafters to have them move their drafts to the new bank. I first of all don't have time to be bothered, and second its a tricky deal to move it all. For instance today was Stephen's second payday since he moved his pay to the new bank, and for the second time we woke up on payday and couldn't find his paycheck. It wasn't showing in the bank, I hadn't checked before leaving for work, imagine my embarrassment when I swiped the bank card at the local Love's  and it was declined! So here is the tricky part, once I move the direct deposits, I have to worry that if I move the drafts the drafts may come out before my deposits start hitting the bank, apparently it takes a while to move the deposits and I may even get a paper check between the last deposit in the old account and the first deposit in the new account. It is to much hassle for me to worry if my payments will go through.

I have had the old bank account for years and it never fails, my deposits hit the bank at midnight and I never for a moment considered that a direct deposit wouldn't hit the bank at midnight. Last payday his employer mailed a paper check to our house, we opened the account on this policy that if you sign up for direct deposit you can open an account with out putting any money in.We did this because we where to lazy to go to the old bank and get the funds out to open a new account. Last payday when Stephen finally located his check he just deposited it into the old account because the new bank is a 20 minute drive and the old bank is a couple blocks away ( every minute counts when your overwhelmed with to many things to do). So this morning was suppose to be the first direct deposit. Thank the Lord I had my old ATM card and money in the bank to cover my purchase! It is such a hassle to change banks... no wonder I haven't moved my check lol.

Aside from dealing with bank moving we finally purchased a car. A 2004 Pacifica. I can't stress how much I love this vehicle, give me a couple years and I will probably be begging for an upgrade but at the moment I am obsessed with this adjustable gas peddle. Even more so because I got out the manual and figured out how to program the keyless entry. It is now programed so that if Stephen unlocks the car with his keyless entry fob the seat, mirrors, radio and gas peddle moves to his saved settings, and the same when I unlock the car with my fob it all adjust to my settings. Now how cool is that!  Not to mention that it is now getting cooler out and in the mornings pretty darn chilly. I am am loving these heated seats! I tend to be shivering when I get in the car in the mornings and put the seats on high heat, then about 1/4 of the way to work my  butt is on fire! I do it every morning and every morning when I am crossing the Oklahoma/Texas line I start wanting to jump out of the car because it feels like my ass is on fire!

Since my last blog Stephen finally trapped a passage hawk, we named her Willow. Honestly I tend to love trapping, especially if I am driving because well its just fun. However after two or three months of it I was wore out. I am super happy that he caught a keeper. Now to the hard part! Stephen makes me laugh because typically my alarm goes off at 4:30 am. I hit snooze until about 5 am. Then from 5 to 6 I am getting myself ready for work while constantly trying to get Stephen to wake up and get out of bed. However now that he has a hawk he has actually been so revved up that on some mornings he is out of bed before my alarm starts going off! Now I would just laugh at him and hit snooze but this early rising of his is killing me! He is so tired by the afternoons that he wants to come home and crash for two hours before he does anything. This means I am doing homework while chasing down a two year old who seems to think that any and every thing she sees is fair game for her to snoop in. She thinks it is so very fun to take all her clothes out of the dresser, empty the silverware out of the drawer and create messes. Her worst offense at the moment is her desire to be an artist! I have now cleaned all the crayola off of the freezer three times, off the wall twice, and the marker off the TV a thousand times. Today I was trying to get the kids all ready for a Halloween carnival that the school does every year, I look up to see that Katie had my deodorant and in lightening speed has covered the entire TV screen with it! All the while Stephen was sleeping off his early morning tryst with Willow! I was ready to scream at the both of them by the time we left for the carnival lol.  However I must admit that Willow is a beautiful hawk!


On another note, I got a few cool shots of the kids in their costumes and of Sara, Luke and Ayden. I have tons of photos to do for class but these where a few non class related photos that I took just for fun. I have to say Stephen and Shelby are to funny for words some times, Katie is the cutest strawberry I have ever seen and don't Sara look great for having a baby just two weeks ago!

Now about the VA, I have finally relented and realized that I needed to sign up with the medical facility and attempt to get stuff sorted out. I wasn't sure I was going to be pleased with the facility near me because the first visit I felt like the doctor was only interested in the possibility that my gall bladder needed removing. However this week when I returned to be informed that the ultrasound didn't show an issue with my  gallbladder, the doctor apparently decided to get to the bottom of the various issues and has schedules some test. He also took a closer look at this pain in my shoulder that he thought was gonna be gallbladder issues and informed me that I have a huge knot of muscles there that is probably causing that pain, I had attempted to get him to feel this knot last time I was there but he was sure it was gallbladder related. That knot in my muscle has been there for years now, the thing is I   hate taking pain pills because I am scared to death of being addicted to them.  It has came to the point that I am willing to take some pain meds, or do what ever if he will just make it go away, I insisted on the lowest dose possible and will see if this helps. In the mean time I now have a couple of appointments to go to and will see what happens from there. In a lot of ways signing up and going to the VA is a huge disappointment to me, I have been managing to deal with the medical issues that resulted from deployment, well I suppose it would be more accurate to say I have managed to ignore the issues. I am not really able to ignore stuff any more and in some ways I hate that, if I could ignore things then I wasn't having to deal with it. However there is only so much physical pain that I can ignore, then it is time to give in and sort it all out. I did walk out of the appointment feeling like the doctor is attempting to sort things out.

I seriously think he started attempting to sort things out after we had a discussion about a doctor that no longer works at the VA. I had actually attempted to use the VA as soon as I came back from deployment but every time I went in to see my doctor he wasn't there and I would have to see a nurse or some other doctor that was covering for him. The nurse actually informed me that because I had insurance I was wasting the VA's time by using their facilities, I wasn't pleased with her comment but I did what I typically do and ignored her. However the last time I went to the VA my doctor was once again not there and I had to see this other doctor that was covering for him. I already had a bad taste for this doctor because I knew that a week before she had treated a friend of mine, during my friend's visit a nurse burst in the room and informed this doctor that there was a man in the hallway having a stroke. The doctor walked out of the room, leaving the door open, informs the man's wife that she needs to take him to the Dallas VA because he is having a stroke and this office don't deal with such matters. The wife (an elderly woman) tells the doctor that she has never driven outside this town and don't know how to get to Dallas, the doctor informs the woman that she better figure it out or her husband will die! She then returns to the room, closes the door, states " I should have probably called him an ambulance because I don't think he will make it to Dallas" but didn't make any attempt to actually call an ambulance! Then she pulls up my friends shirt to push and poke on her tummy, spots my friend's belly button ring, states "You have your belly button pierced, you know you probably have HIV from that!" she then yanks down the girl's shirt and storms out! She didn't complete her exam or anything. So needless to say I wasn't happy about seeing this doctor.

I entered her office and sat down, she demanded to know what it was I needed. I informed her that I had already had several visits where a PA had indicated that I needed some test and he would schedule the test but however he had not actually scheduled any test, I also informed her that I realized that she couldn't really verify specific information about my medical history but I at the very least needed to take back documentation to my unit to indicate that I have came for X amount of visits and that I was actively seeking treatment. I tried to explain to her that this was my 5th scheduled visit to attempt to see my doctor in order to get the treatment process started because eventually the military would just kick me out for not getting treatment. Her response to me was "I am not giving you anything for your unit, I wont assist you in attempting to stay in the military, your a female and shouldn't be in the military any way" that really set me off and I pretty much cursed her out, left and found the patient advocates office and gave her a piece of my mind, then attempted to speak to the director of the hospital but was refused access, possibly because I was beyond pissed and the desk clerk could tell.

With all that story told, I had a conversation yesterday with my doctor and during the course of the conversation I explained to him that after several attempts to see him I had cursed out "the crazy doctor" and never came back to the VA. He looked at me sort of like he knew the answer but just had to ask, then said in a questioning tone "the crazy doctor?" I didn't even get her name out of my mouth before he was shaking his head and about to burst out laughing, he even said "yep she was the crazy doctor" when he realized I had gotten into it with her he looked back at my records. The expression on his face was priceless, he stammered out " you ummm ..did you really.. ummm" I didn't have to ask I knew what he was looking at, it is clearly noted in my file that I told Dr. James  that she could "kiss my fat ass". As I informed him, she didn't bother to note what she did to provoke me or why I was cursing at her. This I think was a turning point for me and my doctor, it is pretty clear by his reaction to her name that he knew she was a nut case and probably wasn't his favorite co-worker and I would say  he enjoyed hearing that someone cursed  her out! lol Now I have appointments to get my stuff sorted and a doctor who thinks it is very funny that I cursed out the "crazy doctor". 

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