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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And we have a Baby!!

So Sara checked into the hospital on Sunday night at 7 pm to be induced.  Unlike when my doctor induced labor with Katie, they started the induction right away. I personally checked in at 9pm and started induction at midnight, Sara had her first induction pill placed within about half an hour of signing in. Not that this early start helped her much. She checked in dilated to a tight 1cm. Four hours later they placed a second induction tablet and she only barely a 1 & 1/4 cm. Technically Sara should have received a third induction tablet because four hours after the second tablet she was still not dilated beyond 1 & 1/2 cm. However when the nurse attempted to check her, Sara's water broke which meant no more induction tablets. Time to move on to Pitocin.

Later the next morning the nurse explained to us that Sara had a dysfunctional uterus, in other words she would have back to back contractions for about six or eight minutes, contractions with out any break at all but then she would have a three or four minute span with no contractions. Pitocin typically corrects this issue.

Looking at the very poor drawing above of a contraction chart, Sara's contractions where the bottom example. When in labor it is important that all the contractions peak and then decline to a stop for a second or two. The uterus needs that break in order to then peak on the next contraction. However Sara was not ever able to have functional contractions. She actually delivered with these insane contractions.

The doctor actually started to do a c-section several times there where three things that prevented the c-section. First Sara and I were very adamant that a c-section was only an option if Sara or the baby was in danger. For me this insistence  was based on the fact that I didn't want for Sara to have a surgery and go through a longer recovery unless it was absolutely necessary, not to mention that Luke's mother and I wanted to be in the room for the delivery. Sara didn't want the c-section because she didn't want to stay in the hospital for several days and trust that Stephen, Shelby and I are capable of baby sitting her dog lol.

Every time that they raised Sara's Pitocin level to try and regulate the  contractions the baby's heart rate would drop. Now every time I have been in the delivery room, either for myself or with other people having babies ( and it has been a few times) the baby's heart rate may drop some and the mother may need oxygen to help sort this out, I wouldn't say normal but maybe common would be accurate. However this time the baby's heart rate was dropping below what is common.

The doctor said several times that she thought we needed to go ahead with the c-section, but every time she said it Sara would suddenly dilate a cm or so and the doctor would agree to wait another hour or so (the second thing that prevented the c-section).

 To make matters worse Sara has an insulin issue. Sara's OBGYN's physician assistant always takes time to remind me that it is insulin resistance not type II Diabetes, her OBGYN never says a word when I refer to it as Type II Diabetes and Sara's regular doctor actually told me that she officially has Type II Diabetes, now I am no fan of the PA so there is no changing my mind that the technical name is Type II Diabetes. To clarify Sara produces to much insulin and her body can not function with that much insulin with out a high amount of sugar. The problem is that the more sugar you take in the more weight you gain, which is not only bad for a teenage girl's self esteem, but the extra insulin and extra weight brings back a condition that Sara was worn with where her heart beats way to fast. Interestingly enough the OBGYN is the doctor who discovered the insulin issue when Sara was 12 and started her on metphormin after two years of begging her doctor to find out what the problem was I finally got a referral to the OBGYN and we got to the real issue. It seems that the OBGYN seems to have forgot Sara's history (I can understand why with so many patients) However she had Sara not take her medication, she kept saying she was worried that the meds would drop Sara's sugar to low during labor. The problem is that stopping her meds is what causes her sugar to get so low. Half way through her labor during all the contraction issues they discover her sugar is dangerously low, hence Sara was passing out between contractions. Every one kept saying that some women fall asleep from the anesthesia and exhaustion. Exhaustion was thought to be the problem because her epi was only working on one side of her body so they thought she was exhausted from the pain of the contractions. but I kept saying I think she is not able to stay awake between contractions because she hasn't had her meds. They decided to check her sugar and with in minutes she was being force fed a Popsicle and a different IV solution with extra sugar was being  put on her IV pole.

It frustrates me so much when doctors don't listen to what your trying to tell them. They may have a medical degree but a person knows their own body, and a mother who has struggled to get their child healthy for six years tends to know the signs when things are not going right.

Interestingly enough once her sugar level was fixed Sara staid awake between contractions!

This also leads to the third reason why a c-section was a last resort, if the epi  isn't working then in order to have a c-section Sara would have to be put completely under during the c-section which the doctor, Sara, Luke and I were all against.

Eventually Sara managed to push through the dysfunctional contractions, she pushed at least double the amount of times a woman would typically push per contraction. 27 hours of active labor and about an hour of actual pushing and she delivered Ayden Rylee Aytes on October 11, 2010. He weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz and19.5 in long at 10 PM!!

Now we have another battle to fight. I had to go back to work today, so we left the car at the hospital so that if Sara and Ayden were released from the hospital before I got off work, Luke could drive them home. However they were informed that because of Sara's age she had to have a parent there to meet with CPS and if CPS couldn't get out to see us before the discharge time then CPS would be visiting our home. Now had Sara delivered a under nourished or drug addicted baby or been at the hospital the whole time with out any parents or family at all or if either her or Luke had ignored the baby in any way at the hospital then I could see this. However considering that they couldn't take the baby out of the room for a minute with out Luke standing at the nursery window until they brought him back. From the moment that the baby was born Luke has been mother hen over him, I couldn't get Luke to shower the entire time Sara was in labor because he said if he heard a sound that made him think something was happening he would run out in the nude to make sure he didn't miss anything. He went out to the car to smoke a cigarette and Sara was in real pain. I called to say Sara wants you to come back in. Sara's sister just happened to be looking at him  out the window and laughed because when the phone rang, before he actually answered he jumped out of the car and was running back to the hospital as he answered the phone. Luke took better care of Sara and Ayden at the hospital from check in to check out than most home health nurses do for their patients. It really annoys me to see these two kids trying so hard to be parents and doing all the right stuff and still be required to have CPS involved because of Sara's age. I know some older parents who need some CPS attention they should spend their waisted time checking on them instead of investigating the care of a baby who is possibly the best cared for baby ever.

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