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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confused Kat

Ok so I have posted a previous blog about the cat and her tragic entry into our home. Things seem to just get odder.Stephen jokingly named her Kat and that name has stuck with her. After loosing all of her kittens Kat suddenly has milk (which she didn't have when she delivered the kittens).

Kat seems oddly confused about her motherly roll or should I say lack of. In the last few days I have noticed that every time Katie cries Kat does some super hero jumping and running. I really noticed it a couple nights ago when Katie woke up in the middle of the night and let out a big cry. Kat jumped from the floor, to my bed (landing on top of me) and instantly into Katie's crib, all before I could get the blanket off of me!

When I got to the crib Kat was coddling and soothing Katie! It hit me that she is post delivery and knows she should be tending her kittens, but as there are no kittens to tend to she is trying to tend to Katie.

I went to a web site called Catster and ask if it was possible that Kat has confused Katie with her own baby. Apparently its common for a cat to adopt other cats or other animals especially when they have lost their own kittens.

I knew this much because we once had a cat that had kittens on the same day that my daughter came home with a tiny baby rabbit. The cat went nuts chasing this rabbit. I thought she wanted to eat it. However once she finally caught me off guard enough to get the rabbit she took it and put it in the bed with her kittens and tried to force it to nurse. I suppose Kat is doing the same thing with Katie, she is trying to adopt a human baby to fill her motherly needs.

Crazy Kat...

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