Thursday, March 17, 2011

To much time with the doctors

Our family has spent a bit to much time at the doctors the past few days. On Friday afternoon I had to head out to drills, but all day while I was at work my ear was hurting and itching like mad. So I returned home Sunday afternoon and my ear was worse.  I attempted to do some homework even though I felt like crap. Mean while Katie was climbing all over her dad. In the process he attempted to pull her over his shoulder and all of the sudden Katie was screaming bloody murder and Stephen was in a bit of  a panic because he thought he had broken her arm.  We loaded up in the car and headed off to the hospital. On the way there I mentioned a time when Sara had a similar situation and it turned out to be "nurse maids elbow" which is basically where one of the bones that connects to the elbow comes out of socket. Stephen was sure he had broken her arm  and man he was raking himself over the coals about it. She wouldn't move her arm at all, was crying like crazy and Stephen kept poking at her hand because it was pretty purple and very limp The nurse who did the initial height, weight and vitals convinced Katie to try and give him five with the injured arm and all of the sudden as Katie put it " my arm is all better" this is because the quick movement of stretching her arm out popped the bone back into place and the majority of the pain instantly disappears. They did tell us that Katie happened to have a fever of 101 while we were there.

We returned home with me thinkng "why didn't I get my ear checked out while I was there because man it hurts a heck of a lot" . I muffled through the night in pretty bad pain and feeling fairly ill. On Monday I had to go back to the hosptial to get some blood work done for the military. After a lot of mess and a long wait the military and the hospital finally sorted out the red tape and I had seven tubes of blood drawn.  I attempted to get an appointment with Stephen's doctor to get my ear checked out but they wanted me to hang around town for several hours before they could see me. I opted to walk into a clinic that does urgent care, they take walk ins only. I waited there for almost two hours.

At least I had some intertainment while I waited. As I was walking in so was a man with his daughter. Here you have this guy who isn't much taller than me (which isnt very tall) a bit pudgy but not much, dressed in jeans and a jacket naming the fire department that he worked for, just an average joe brining his dauhter to the doctor because she hurt her foot in PE at school.  He gets her signed in and I am waiting to do the same when in rushes this woman. She hot foots it over to her daughter to inquire how bad her foot was and insist that the daughter and husband hobble over to  different seating so that she can sit with them. This woman is wearing a black, white and red shirt and some bright read hooker heals but here is what gets me, the woman is not exactly over weight, sure losing 20 pounds wouldnt hurt her but she isnt obese by any means, however she is tall (even more so with the hooker heals on) and big boned, with a sizable rear-end. What got me was that she was wearing these white pants that where at least a full size to small, which made her rear end look even bigger and caused her boy short undies to make a perfect impression on both sides, The affect was that she looked reduclace and I am sure that she would die if she knew her back side looked broader than a barn, Now I have had my own battles with weight and wouldnt ever point out some one elses weight issues, but thats not the problem here the problem is you cant wear white, almost see through pants that are to small, it makes you look obserdly bigger and just foolish.

I spent the two hours in the waiting room amused at this woman with her toooo small white pants, all dressed up with her average looking family, she couldn't help but force her husband into a loud converstation about her new car, and how expensive every detail in it was, and how expensive her old car was.  The impression that I got of her was that she wanted very badly to be a class or two above where she started out in life and had no concept of how to appear that way, so instead she loudly brags about all of her possesions. I for one think you can have all the money in the world and still not be happy. However regaurdless of how much money you do or don't have I think even the poorest of women should be aware that you should never wear white, see through pants that are just to darn small because it makes your ass look huge and cottage cheeseyyyyyy!

It turned out that I had a really bad ear infection, the doctor couldn't see my ear drum because my ear canal was swollen shut! Some serious antibiotic drops and  I am better. However in the mean time Katie and Ayden both came home from daycare feeling a but yucky. Things went down hill after that, by the end of the week Katie had RSV and was running a fever of 106 after having Tylenol and Motrin, the doctors had to give her a shot and wrap her in wet towels to get her fever down. Ayden ended up with RSV, an ear infection and bronchitis. Luckily we are all feeling much better, maybe not 100% but better. 

On another note here are a couple of recent random photos:

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  1. this being sick all the time is getting old !