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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy, and very busy New Years

For weeks now we have been looking for a set of bunk beds for Shelby's room.We have been desperate to get Katie moved in with Shelby, however as things go around here Shelby had a California King size bed in her room which didn't leave much room for a bed for Katie or any of Katie's stuff.  It happens that I had the California King bed only because when the girl's and I moved into this house we moved here by our selves, with work, school and single motherhood we struggled to get moved. As a result the Saturday that we started moving I made several trips bringing loads of stuff here and left the rest to be moved one mini-van load  every afternoon until I got it all moved. The first weekend I brought the girl's bedroom stuff, and all of our clothes and the electronics. I didn't bring my bed, most of my clothes, and most of the other household items, unfortunately everything that was there was gotten stolen.  A seriously selfish person actually stole my bed, all my dishes and pretty much everything of mine as I had brought the majority of the girl's stuff on the first few trips.  Someone actually gave me a California King bed, I suppose they felt sorry for me sleeping on a military cot lol.  However once Stephen and I got married and he moved in and I got pregnant there wasn't room in our bedroom for that huge bed, a baby bed and all the computer and camera gear, so we got a smaller bed. At the time Sara loved the big bed so we gave it to her. Now that She has had Ayden she was having the same problem, a baby bed and all the baby stuff and all of Luke's stuff didn't leave much room for a huge bed. So Sara got a smaller bed and Shelby inherited the big bed. Now even though without the baby bed we could probably manage with the big bed in our room again, we love our, much more comfortable, smaller bed.  

After searching for an affordable set of bunk beds for Shelby and Katie Stephen decided he could build a bunk bed for less than what most places are charging. Things didn't start off so great, we went to Lowe's and picked out all the supplies to build the bed, I left the store to move the car up to the exit door.  I get the car pulled up and the hatch opened when I see Stephen come charging out of the store, he grabs the hatch and slams it shut, gets into the car and slams the door. Apparently our Debit Card had been declined, well our's and three other customers with ATM cards from our bank had been declined. My first action was to call the bank, but they were closed, so I call  home and have Sara go online and check the bank, the money was in the bank, so we tried several ATM's. Three of our bank's ATM's and one of another bank's ATM's. Some said there was no funds in the bank, others said the ATM was not currently working. I tried again to call the various numbers for the bank and eventually got a message saying that they were having system problems.  I mentioned to Stephen that it was strange that just a few minutes before we were able to make a purchase at the gas station. Stephen realized that the gas station had ran our card as a credit not a debit, So we went back to Lowe's with a check book and the ATM card. Running it as a credit card worked, however later in the day even running the card as a credit card won't work. Needless to say, calling the bank is my first priority for Monday Morning. 

Once we managed to purchase the materials for the bunk beds, Stephen began sawing and chipping at the wood, as I began dragging all of Shelby's stuff out of her room to make room for the new bed. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to re-arrange her room, throw out a load of stuff that Shelby really don't need or use any more and maybe create some space for Katie to really move in there.

Notice all of Shelby's clothes piled behind Stephen, yeah all that was under her bed, in the bottom of her closet and any where else she could manage to dump it rather than put it away.  

While Stephen was chipping away at the wood, the rest of us all found jobs to help the process. Anna (Shelby's friend) and Shelby took over sanding some of the pieces of wood and helping with Ayden (we had previously agreed to watch Ayden while Sara and Luke went shopping) 

Katie spent her time entertaining Charlee, that dog is even more hyper than Katie so they make a good pair!

Go figure Shelby found time to get in a little Wii action while the rest of us slaved away cleaning up her super ditry room and building her a bed. 

Once the girl's took over some of the sanding duties I began to stain the pieces of the bed, well I had a little ooooppppss with the stain on a stool, I am hoping that I can sand all that off tommorow.

By the end of the day  Stephen and I were a bit wore out and ready for a break. 

Once the bed was in place, and the cleaning was done, it didn't take long for the girls to make the bed look like it always belonged  in their room! Now the really problem is to figure out how to get all that stain off of me!

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