Sunday, July 04, 2010

Picture of the day

I always say I want to post a picture a day, but for some reason I never get around to it.. That's life my life with photography,  kids, work, military and school.. I just need to set aside time to do it every day.. now where do I put the sticky note to remind myself to do it? .. Maybe one day I will have enough free time to post lots of photos every day!

The above Photo is the top portion of a lifting foot bridge in Salford Quays England. We took a lot of photos in England and every time I go into LR to attempt to sort them I run into that lack of time issue again, but I do keep stumbling onto photos in the "England" file that I just love. This is one of those. I am less than happy that we where walking across this bridge and I stopped, even made Stephen stop and said to him "this would make an awesome shot" and some how he took better shots of this view of the bridge than I did, but there are a lot of reason's for that, one he has been doing this a whole lot longer than me and two he is taller than me. One may think this is just and excuse but honestly your view point is different from every spot around you and six inches higher or lower makes a difference. Now my problem is to sort out how to make up the difference!

Even though I was aggrivated that I found this shot and Stephen produced it better than me, I am still quite happy with this photo. The thing's a pretty cool shot in color, black and white and even in this antiquic look.

Really wish I had of had more time and a light tripod in England! I say light because my father-n-law gave us a tripod while we where there ( we didn't have enough packing space to take one with us) but it was very heavy.  I have however used it since coming home.

Possibly in the next couple days i will have time to pick out a few more "England"  shots to post...

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