Monday, June 08, 2009

To much going on I haven't managed to post anything

It seems like I haven't had a spare minute in a really long time. I had the two weeks of military training , came home and worked a week at my regular job and then had drills this week end. Every evening has been one chore after another. So I haven't had time to post a blog or take a breath or any thing.

I was pretty happy with myself last week when I put myself on the calendar to have this coming Monday off, and I had Stephen take that day off too. We were gonna have a three day weekend, leave here Friday after work and come home Monday about lunch. The plan was to go camping and just chill out. Then I went to drills this weekend and realized I had promised one of the girls in my unit that I would turn up to her wedding this Saturday. I had promised to be there early and help set up and just do any thing she needed done. I made this promise because Stephen and I found our self struggling to get things set up on our wedding day. I honestly left home only half dressed for the wedding and at the time the wedding should have started Stephen was just getting into the shower. There was a couple and their daughter who stepped in and helped out, if it had not been for them none of the tables would have been decorated or anything. So I gladly offered to be there to help with all these details for this girl. I am not complaining, and have no regrets about he offer.

However I could kick myself for not asking for Monday and Tuesday off! I have never ever taken a vacation. I need some down time at the moment but I am struggling to find time to just rest really.

A couple of years ago we took the girls camping for the week end. Not a vacation really because it was only the week end, but it was at least two days of down time. The girls loved the place and was ready to pack up and move to the area we camped in. Now I am saying lets go camping for a couple of days of down time and Sara has done a 360 on me and wants to stay home. This is because of her new boyfriend. Geeeessshhhh darn teenagers!! I need a break boyfriend or not so Sara is gonna have to suck it up and do what Stephen and I want for a couple of days.

I wanted to post some more of the photos that I took at camp and a couple that I took today with Stephen.

After work today Stephen wanted to go look at some bees that some one had called him about. The man didn't want the bees in his tree but he was reluctant to kill them because he had heard about bees disappearing.

We lucked out, because the man had built a bird house and hung it in a tree, the bees had taken over the bird box. It was a simple extraction, tape up the opening and remove the box, bees and all. It was simple and quick.

I expected to come home and have some mad bees, and they did buzz around a little bit but honestly not a lot. In fact Stephen put on his hood but I stood around with my camera in a tank top, shorts and flip flops and they bees didn't seem bothered that I was there, camera in their face snapping away.

After the bees where settled into their new home I was frustrated because I wanted close up, sharp images but I didn't manage to get any.

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  1. Thanks for coming with me, these things always seem to work out better when you are along for some reason. Thanks for taking photos too